Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Learning About Equal Parts

Math is not all about doing numbers with paper and pencil. As learned from the first lesson, teachers need to apply the CPA approach (Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract) when teaching children. Math for young children should start from the manipulation of lots of concrete materials. Even though the Mathematics course we are taking are for Elementary level, but teachers can always simplify the Mathematics ideas and fit it into the Preschool or Kindergarten level.

Problem Posted:

  • Imagine the rectangular paper as a pizza.
  • How many ways can you divide the pizza into 4 equal parts?

Strategies that were learned:

  • Fold the rectangular paper equally. If the rectangular paper overlap each other nicely, it means that the parts are equal.
  • If the folded rectangular paper does not overlap each part, try cutting it out. It is trail-an-error approach.
  • For older group of students, calculating the area of each part to ensure that all parts are equal.

If the above problem is too difficult for a preschooler or Kindergarten child to solve, below are some of the simpler methods of conducting lessons on equal parts:

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